Seasonal - Vegetation Management Technician - MD Willow Creek

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Vegetation Management Technician / Spray Truck Operator

Job Type: Seasonal Full Time | Department: Agricultural Service Board | Hours per week: 40

The MD of Willow Creek is hiring a Vegetation Management Technician for a seasonal full-time position from approximately April 26th to September 25th (arrangements can be made for student applicants). The Vegetation Management Technician performs herbicide applications using various spray equipment, as well as other landscape management activities within the MD of Willow Creek. The role will include vegetative identification of both invasive and native species, as well as maintaining accurate records of those identifications and subsequent herbicide applications.

This is a safety sensitive position as it applies herbicide and operates applicable and various equipment on municipal worksites, public, and private lands.

Specific Duties and Accountabilities:
  •Produce detailed and accurate herbicide application records;
  •Operate and maintain spray equipment on public and private lands/road-sides;
  •Applying herbicide in a manner that is compliant with all applicable provincial legislation;
  •Operate and maintain seeding equipment on public and private lands/road-sides;
  •Operate and maintain various MD vehicles/equipment, including regular cleaning as required;
  •Planting trees and shrubs as required;•Carry/operate backpack sprayers, hand-pick and bag plants, facilitate the placement of biocontrols;
  •Participate in health and safety program;
  •Adhere to all of the MD of Willow Creek policies, bylaws, procedures and processes, as well as align work to the MD of Willow Creek strategic plan and values
  •Act as a municipal inspector under the Alberta Weed Control Act;
  •Act as a municipal inspector under the Alberta Agricultural Pest Act;
  •Assist with invasive species inspection, as well as provincial surveys as required;
  •Assist with rental equipment delivery, maintenance and minor repairs;
  •Periodically adjust shift times to accommodate weather conditions;
  •All other duties deemed necessary and appropriate by the Agricultural Fieldman, and/or his/her designate.

  •Valid Non-GDL Class 5 Alberta Operators License;
  •Familiarity with the Alberta Township System (ATS) an asset;
  •Willingness to use/learn mapping software on handheld devices (Fieldmaps), or in spray equipment (MRF) for the purpose of detailed and accurate record-keeping;
     oExperience with GPS/GIS products considered an asset;
  •Experience towing trailers and loading equipment onto trailers in a safe manner;
  •Experience in the safe operation of ATV/UTV’s an asset;
  •Current/completed education in a related field (i.e. agriculture, environmental, biology, etc.),
     oAgricultural background is considered a valuable asset;
  •Hold an Alberta Pesticide Applicator Certification (Landscape, Industrial, Agricultural), or have ability to obtain an Alberta Authorized Assistant Applicators License;
  •Strong plant (invasive/native) identification skills;
  •Strong mechanical aptitude – experience using various tools;
  •Ability to communicate effectively and courteously with supervisor, co-workers, and the public;
  •Willingness to work in both a team and independent environment, when required;
  •Able to follow instructions as given, and prioritize tasks;
  •Must be capable of lifting 25kg (~50lbs) safely;
  •Willingness to perform outdoor work in all weather conditions.

***All resumes must include two (2) professional references. Please submit resumes clearly marked: Vegetation Management Technician – Seasonal Full-Time.***

Please email all complete resumes to:
Carla Preachuk - Agricultural Fieldman

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