About the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen

Agricultural Fieldmen have always been central to the success of Agricultural Service Boards. They develop, implement, and control programs designed to carry out priorities and policies set by their Agricultural Service Board.

While education and awareness are key tools Fieldmen use in their work, they are also appointed as inspectors or regulatory officers enforcing these Alberta statutes.

  • Agricultural Service Board Act
  • Weed Control Act
  • Soil Conservation Act
  • Agricultural Pests Act

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Range Land

Agricultural Fieldmen are uniquely qualified to manage the diverse ASB programs across Alberta.

Many members have university or college degrees in Agriculture, Biology, Environmental Technology, and/or Business Administration. Several are Professional Agrologists or Certified Crop Advisors. All AAAF members have an extensive applied agricultural or environmental science background. All share a common tie to the diverse world of agriculture, and believe strongly in the importance of the industry to society's well being.

The full AAAF membership meet annually at "in-service training" to obtain updated technical training, discuss relevant issues, and conduct association business.

As some of the last agricultural and environmental generalists in a sector prone to specialists, Agricultural Fieldmen are often asked to share their uniquely wide perspectives on these issues. Our motto is to work for a better agricultural industry in all parts of Alberta.