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AAAF Members Directory

South region

M.D. of Acadia
Box 30 Acadia Valley, AB T0J 0A0
Agricultural Fieldman Jordan Hoffman 403-972-3755
Box 580 Cardston, AB T0K 0K
Agricultural Fieldman Rod Foggin 403-653-4977
Assistant Ag Fieldman Stephen Bevans 403-634-9474
Municipality of Crowsnest Pass
Box 600 Crowsnest Pass, AB T0K 0E0
Agricultural Fieldman Grace O'Leary 403-562-8600
816 2nd Avenue Dunmore, AB T1B 0K3
Agricultural Supervisor Lisa Sulz 403-526-2888
Assistant Ag Fieldman Kennedy Roeder 403-526-2888
Agricultural Technician Braiden Bodin 403-526-2888
M.D. of Foothills
Box 5605 High River, AB T1V 1M7
Manager, Agricultural Services Jeff Porter 403-603-5410
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Bree Webb 403-652-2423
Agricultural Fieldman Caleb Scott 403-603-5423
County of Forty Mile
Box 160 Foremost, AB T0K 0X0
Agricultural Fieldman Kevin Jesske 403-647-6449
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Colby Jesske 403-594-4470
#100, 905-4th Avenue South Lethbridge, AB T1J 4E4
Supervisor of Agriculture Services Gary Secrist 403-732-6005
Assistant Ag Fieldman Derek Vance 403-634-0654
Box 130 Brooks, AB T1R 1B
Director of Agricultural Services Todd Green 403-633-1041
Manager of Agricultural Services Will Schaap 403-633-0614
Environmental Services Supervisor Catherine Hok 403-794-2293
Maintenance Supervisor Joe Entz 403-794-2348
M.D. of Pincher Creek
P.O. Box 279 Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1
Agricultural Services Manager Shane Poulsen 403-339-8741
M.D. of Ranchland
Box 1060 Nanton, AB T0L 1R0
Agricultural Fieldman Rick Niwa 403-646-3131
Assistant Agriculture Fieldman Shayna Jones 403-646-3131
Agricultural & Environmental Field Technician Erin Anderson 403-646-3131
Special Area 3
Box 30 Oyen, AB T0J 2
Agricultural Fieldman Don Hogan 403-664-3618
Special Area 4
Box 220 Consort, AB T0C 1B0
Agricultural Fieldman Justine Comeau 403-577-3523
M.D. of Taber
4900-B 50th Street Taber, AB T1G 1T2
Director of Agricultural Services Jason Bullock 403-223-8735
Assistant Ag Fieldman Jorden Holst 403-634-4713
Box 180 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0
Director of Agriculture Deanna Heather 403-485-3103
Box 90 Warner, AB T0K 2L0
Assistant Ag Fieldman Dwayne Rogness 403-642-2255
Agricultural Fieldman Jamie Meeks 403-642-7557
Ag. Foreman Jeff LePage 403-642-2255
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Caleb Scott 403-485-3149
Hwy. #1, RR#1 Strathmore, AB T1P 1J6
Assistant Ag Fieldman Jason Regehr 403-934-3321
Manager of Agriculture and Environment George Bloom 403-361-2006
M.D. of Willow Creek
P. O. Box 550 Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0
Agricultural Fieldman Carla Preachuk 403-625-3351
Assistant Ag Fieldman Gary Murray 403-625-3351 ext. 2
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman/Environmental Technician Ryan Dovell 403-625-3351
Special Area 2
Box 820 Hanna, AB T0J 1P0
Agricultural Fieldman Jesse Williams 403-854-5624
Agricultural Fieldman Morgan Burgemeister 4038541804

Central region

M.D. of Bighorn
Box 310 Exshaw, AB T0L 2C0
Agriculture, Environment & Parks Supervisor Tess Krause 403-673-3611
3755 - 43 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 3S8
Manager of Agricultural Services Kevin MacDonald 780-672-4765
Assistant Manager of Agricultural Services Corey Stuber 780-672-4765
Box 550 Rocky Mountain House, ABvT4T 1A4
Director of Agricultural Services Matt Martinson 403-845-4444
Vegetation Mgt Supervisor Rocky Williams 403-845-4444
Agricultural Programs Coordinator Ross Chudleigh 403-845-4444
Landcare Supervisor Bettina van Nieurkerk 780-781-3334
Landcare Coordinator Danielle Ens 403-845-4444
Supervisor Community Services & Agriculture Production Anne-Marie Bertagnolli 403-322-0646
Landcare Technician Amanda Soppit 403-845-4444
Landcare Technician Rowenna Graham 403-845-4444
Box 358 Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0
Agricultural Foreman Matthew Pfeffer 780-384-4118
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Jessica Armitage 780-384-4129
Agricultural Fieldman Nick Dunn 780-390-0342
Box 400 232 Main Street Three Hills, AB T0M 0W0
Landcare Coordinator Fallon Sherlock 403-443-5541
Manager of Parks & Agricultural Services Shelby Sherwick 403-443-5541
Public Lands Coordinator Jeffrey Guidolin 403-443-9416
RR 3 Lacombe, AB T4L 2N3
Manager of Agriculture and Environmental Services Mike Bates 403-782-8959
Agriculture Coordinator Jalene Makus 403-782-8959
Mountain View
P.O. Bag 100 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0
Agricultural Foreman Chris Chrenek 403-335-3311
Manager of Agricultural Services Chad Verpy 403-335-3311
Sustainable Agricultural Specialist Lorelee Grattidge 403-335-3311
Agricultural Coordinator Michelle Rose 403-335-3311
Paintearth No.18
Box 509 Castor, AB T0C 0X0
Director of Environmental Services Jeff Cosens 403-882-3211
Assistant Ag Fieldman Trevor Kerr 403-882-3211
4205 Highway 2A Ponoka, AB T4J 1V9
Manager of Agricultural Services Justin Babcock 403-783-3333
Red Deer
38106 Range Road 275 Red Deer, AB T4S 2L9
Agricultural Services Manager Cody McIntosh 403-350-2165
Assistant Agricultural Manager Roland Krusi 403-342-8652
Agriculture Coordinator Jordon Smith 403-754-4474
Conservation Coordinator Ken Lewis 403-342-8653
Agriculture Relations Specialist Aimee Delaney 403-597-4364
Agricultural Inspections Coordinator Tori Muntean 403-350-2162
Rocky View
911-32nd Ave. NE Calgary, AB T2E 6X6
Manager Operational Services Jeff Fleischer 403-520-1287
Agricultural Services Officer Laura Poile 403-520-7273
Agriculture Services Officer Ashley Stewart 403-520-1272
Manager of Agricultural and Environmental Services Kristyn Lines (Smigelski) 403-520-8162
Agricultural Services Officer Delaney McNaughton 403-520-3952
Agricultural Services Officer Mathew Chilakos 403-478-8277
Box 294 Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Dara Kudras 403-772-3793
Agricultural Fieldman Ryan Hallett 403-772-3765
Box 1270 Stettler, AB T0C 2L0
Assistant Director of Operations Quinton Beaumont 403-742-4441
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Farrah Fischer 403-742-4441
Box 6960 Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2G5
Director of Agricultural Services Stephen Majek 780-361-6226
ASB Foreman James Albers 780-352-3321 ext. 22

Northeast region

Box 140 Ryley, AB T0B 4A0
Agricultural Fieldman Jonny Culbert 825-385-0064
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Cameron Schoff 780-663-3715
M.D. of Bonnyville
Box 1010 Bonnyville, AB T9N 2J7
General Manager, Environmental & Protective Services Matt Janz 780-207-0714
Manager of Agricultural Services Janice Boden 780-207-0560
Pest Control Officer Michael Penner 780-826-3951
Vegetation Operator Justin Inman 306-280-3355
Lac La Biche
Box 1679 Lac La Biche, AB T0A 2C0
Agricultural Equipment Operator Brennan Scott 780-404-5831
5303 - 50 Avenue Lamont, AB T0B 2R0
Agricultural Fieldman Terry Eleniak 780-895-2585
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Amanda Kihn 780-895-2585
M.D. of Provost
Box 300 Provost, AB T0B 3S0
Agricultural Fieldman Caitlin Heck 780-753-4359
Smoky Lake
P. O. Box 310 Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Agricultural Fieldman Carleigh Danyluk (McMullin) 780-650-5409
St. Paul
5015-49 Ave St. Paul, AB T0A 3A4
Agricultural Fieldman Keith Kornelsen 780-645-0154
Assistant Ag Fieldman Warren Leister 780-646-0120
Two Hills
P.O. Box 490 Two Hills, AB T0B 4K0
Agricultural Fieldman Elden Kozak 780-657-3358
Assistant Ag Fieldman Sara Miller 780-657-3358
Vermilion River
Box 69 Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0
Director of Agriculture & Environment Cathie Erichsen-Arychuk 780-846-2244
Assistant Ag Fieldman Darin Beckett 587-217-4798
M.D. of Wainwright
717 - 14th Avenue Wainwright, AB T9W 1B3
Agricultural Fieldman James Schwindt 780-842-4454
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Shelby Oracheski 780-842-4454

Northwest region

3602 - 48 Avenue Athabasca, AB T9S 1M8
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Ryan Hrywkiw 780-675-2273
5306 - 49 Street Barrhead, AB T7N 1N5
Agricultural Fieldman Don Medcke 780-674-3331
Box 77 Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1R1
Manager of Agricultural Services Dawnia McCann 780-542-7777
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Greg Cameron 780-542-7777
Lac Ste Anne
Box 219 Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0
Agricultural Fieldman Aren Skogstad 780-785-3411
Supervisor of Integrated Vegetation Management Jessica Stambulic 780-785-3411
Agronomics Supervisor Travis Wilson 780-785-3411
Suite 101, 1101 – 5 Street Nisku, AB T9E 2X
Director Agricultural Services Garett Broadbent 780-955-6404
Manager - Agricultural Services Aaron Van Beers 780-955-4540
Agricultural Services Coordinator Nathanael Berg 780-955-4594
53109A SH 779 Parkland County, AB T7Z 1R1
Program Manager, Agronomics James Leskiw 780-968-8888ex8237
Crop Technician Laura Duncan 780-968-8436
2001 Sherwood Drive Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3W7
Senior Advisor, Agriculture Initiatives (Agricultural Fieldman) Diana Wahlstrom 780-417-7136
Senior Wildlife Specialist Mathew Wood 780-400-2169
Senior Invasive Plant Specialist Elise Graham 780-464-8183
Agriculture Support Specialist - Crops Sarah Rice 780-400-2068
Agriculture Support Specialist - Livestock Darrell Marynowich 780-454-8009
9613 – 100 Street Morinville, AB T8R 1L9
Manager, Agriculture Services Angela Veenstra 780-939-8330
Agricultural Operations Supervisor Tara McGinn 780-939-0621
Agriculture Program Supervisor Krysanna Carlson 780-939-4321
Conservation Program Coordinator Christine Downing 780-939-4321
Horticultural Technician Melissa Edwards 780-939-4321
Box 10 Thorhild, AB T0A 3J0
Agricultural Fieldman Clarence Dowhan 780-398-3977
10336 – 106 Street Westlock, AB T7P 2G1
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman James Breadon 780-307-0529
Box 33 Ft. Assiniboine, AB T0G 1A0
Manager, Agriculture Services Dawn Fortin 780-584-3866
Agriculture Services Technician James Aitken 780-584-3866
2716 - 1st Aveune Edson, AB T7E 1N9
Agricultural Services Supervisor Jennifer Benson 780-514-4231
Agricultural Services Coordinator Melissa Marquis 780-325-3782
Agricultural Services Coordinator Patricia O'Neil 780-325-3782
M.D. of Lesser Slave River
Box 93 Flatbush, AB T0G 0Z0
Agricultural Fieldman Kendra Kozdroski 780-805-6320
Vegetation Lead Hand Morgan Cryderman 780-681-3929

Peace region

M.D. of Big Lakes
P. O. Box 239 High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0
Agricultural Fieldman Dylan Fath 780-523-5955
Assistant Agricultural Fieldperson Shelley Henkel 780-523-5955
Birch Hills
Box 157 Wanham, AB T0H 3P0
Director of Agriculture Jenifer Lizotte 780-694-3793
Clear Hills
Box 240 Worsley, AB T0H 3W
Agricultural Fieldman Greg Coon 780-772-1776
M.D. of Fairview
Box 189 Fairview, AB T0H 1L0
Director, Agriculture and Parks Kaitlin McLachlan 780-835-4903
Grande Prairie
10001- 84th Avenue Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0
Ag Officer, Beautification Mowing Amanda Ouellett 780-532-9727
Agricultural Fieldman Sonja Raven 780-532-9727 ext 258
Rural Extension Officer Jill Henry 780-876-6631
Ag Officer - Weed Inspecting Tracelle Hinze 780-876-0432
Assistant Agricultural Fieldman Kathrin Langlois 780-837-4082
Soil Conservation & Stewardship Coordinator Kate Winterford 780-532-9751
Ag Officer, Pest and Disease Simon Thon 587-343-2251
Ag. Officer - Mowing Telsa Shaver 780-532-9727
Ag. Officer - Vegetation Management Shae-Lynn Baehler 780-532-9727
Lead Problem Wildlife Officer Kurt Pierog 780-532-9727
Assistant Problem Wildlife Officer Justin Wasylciw 780-532-9727
M.D. of Greenview
Box 1079 Valleyview, AB T0H 3N0
Agricultural Supervisor Kristin King 780-524-7624
Manager, Agricultural Services Sheila Kaus 780-558-9333
Beautification Supervisor Jessica McCormick 780-558-9154
Landcare Coordinator Sarah Cairns 780-524-7604
Box 640 Fort Vermillion, AB T0H1N0
Agriculture Fieldman Landon Dreiger 780-927-3718
Northern Lights
Box 10 Manning, AB T0H 2M0
Agricultural Fieldman Blake Gaugler 780-836-3348 ext 225
Northern Sunrise
Bag 1300 Peace River, AB T8S 1Y9
Agricultural Fieldman Trent Keller 780-322-3831
Weed Program Coordinator/Assistant Ag Fieldman Stephanie Soucy 780-322-3831
Environmental Program Coordinator Katie Bartman 780-322-3831
M.D. of Peace
Box 34 Berwyn, AB T0H 0E0
Manager of Agricultural Services Nasar Iqbal 780-338-3845
Saddle Hills
RR 1 Spirit River, AB T0H 3G0
Agricultural Coordinator Taryn McNaught 780-864-0435
Agricultural Foreman Brett Sauder 780-864-3760
M.D. of Smoky River
Box 210 Falher, AB T0H 1M0
Agricultural Fieldman/Director of Agricultural Services Shayne Steffen (780) 837-2227 Ext 1
M.D. of Spirit River
4202 50th Street Spirit River, AB T0H 3G0
Agricultural Fieldman Simon Amting 780-864-9358