Environmental Technician- Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Environmental Technician

Position Title

Environmental Technician

Reports to

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass – Agricultural Fieldman

Revision Date

January 2020

Wage Band



Temporary/Seasonal Position, May 4th to October 16th, 2020   

Hours of Work

8:00 – 4:30, with occasional evening or weekend work


Position Summary


The Environmental Technician will assist the Agricultural Fieldman with weed inspections on public and private land; identify & control noxious and destroy prohibited noxious weeds. Responsible for public education, enforcement, issuing & entering weed inspection information, mapping weed infestations, entering data and report writing. Responsible for monitoring and mapping reclaimed areas. Will work with the Agricultural Fieldman to control agricultural pests on municipal lands and monitor for Aquatic Invasive Species. Will be required to assist with job duties of the Riparian Technician.


Key Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Inspection of vegetation growth on private and public property
  2. Identify and control weeds as listed in the Alberta Weed Control Act & Regulations
  3. Identify and control pests as listed in the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act
  4. Communicate effectively and professionally with the public addressing weed/pest concerns and provide them with advice on effective control solutions
  5. Enforcement of the Alberta Weed Control Act
  6. Collect and document accurate detailed information
  7. Photograph and computer data entry/organize inspection information
  8. Map weed infestations with GPS units and enter coordinates onto an Excel spreadsheet
  9. Inspect areas on foot or with an ATV (all-terrain vehicle)
  10. Identify and/or implement reclamation suggestions/techniques
  11. Identify native plants in areas on public and private land and interpret what those plant species mean to the landowner
  12. Prepare or select cuttings for transplanting
  13. Assist with or select native grass seed mixes to be applied to disturbed sites
  14. Organize and conduct weed identification education to the public during community weed pull events or tree/shrub plantings
  15. Attend safety courses, e.g.; BearSmart, Municipal Safety Orientation, Legislative Workshop and any additional safety courses required to work safely within the job description
  16. Perform related office and shop duties (clean and organize work area, housekeeping, etc.)
  17. Perform other applicable duties


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills


  • Knowledge of the Alberta Weed Control Act & Regulations
  • Knowledge of the Alberta Agricultural Pest Act & Regulations
  • Knowledge of the Alberta Soil Conservation Act & Regulations
  • Knowledge of Crowsnest Pass indigenous flora and fauna
  • Knowledge of and the ability to identify invasive plant species and pests including aquatic
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms and collect accurate data to be entered in Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Skill in communicating professionally and effectively with people of all age groups and from a variety of backgrounds
  • Knowledge of GPS/route skills, location and navigation in a backcountry environment
  • Knowledge of and experience working in a location with wildlife
  • Ability to perform reclamation and restoration practice in riparian areas
  • Ability to work outdoors in uneven terrain and variable weather conditions
  • Ability to safely and skillfully operate an all-terrain vehicle
  • Wear suitable/professional outdoor clothing, performing all tasks safely in accordance with OH&S and the Municipal Safety Policy


Education and Experience


Environmental Science, Agricultural Post-Secondary education or a related educational field, which include courses in interpersonal skills, botany, plant taxonomy, weed science, soil science, rangeland management, forestry, ecology, hydrology, reclamation and Alberta Law & Legislative Acts. Should have at least 2 years of experience working with the public in a professional manner. Valid class 5 Alberta driver’s license and ATV safety training.

Prior to employment a pre-employment screening process must be completed, including a successful completion of a criminal record check.  


How to apply


Visit www.crowsnestpass.com for the full job description.

Competition for these positions will be open for application until February 24, 2020

Please submit cover letter and resume to:

Tim Nickerson, Manager Human Resources

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, PO Box 600, Blairmore, Alberta, T0K 0E0

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.