Agricultural Vegetation Management Technician - Athabasca County ASB

Agricultural Services Department 

Seasonal Agricultural Vegetation Management Technician 

Athabasca County ASB is seeking qualified, dynamic, knowledgeable, and energetic individuals as Vegetation Management Technicians. These individuals will assist as a weed inspector and herbicide applicator, and complete other duties as determined by the Farm Production Specialist or designate. 

Duties of the successful candidate will include: 

Working under provincial legislation and programs including: the Agricultural Service Board Act, Alberta Weed Control Act, Soil Conservation Act, and the Agricultural Pests Act. 

  • Operation and maintenance of herbicide application equipment 
  • Maintaining detailed weed inspection and spray application records utilizing GPS technology 
  • Assisting with Provincial agricultural surveys 
  • Working with local producers in weed ID & control, completing crop and pest reports, and giving technical or other support 
  • Maintaining ASB shop 
  • Operate small equipment, trucks with trailers, and tree spade (training available) 
  • Participate in safety meetings and training as part of the County’s Health and Safety program. 
  • Perform any other duties as required. 


  • Valid Class 5 Alberta Driver’s License; 
  • Educational background in agriculture, environmental or biology or related fields 
  • Strong plant/weed identification skills (training available) 
  • Hold an Alberta Pesticide Applicators Certification or be eligible to obtain an Alberta Authorized Assistant applicators license;(training available) 
  • Ability to communicate effectively 
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs and perform work outdoors in all weather conditions 

Desirable Traits: 

  • Strong work ethic and self-starter 
  • Excellent communication, records management, and organizational skills 
  • Good teamwork, partnering, and networking skills 
  • Excellent problem solving skills 
  • Strong commitment to public service 
  • Comfortable with technology i.e. computers, GIS, GPS (training available) 

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3602 48th Ave 
Athabasca, A.B.